how do i join first baptist church?

You may indicate your desire to join our church in any of the following ways:


  • By walking to the front of the church to meet with a pastor during the invitation song at the close of any Sunday morning worship service.

  • By meeting with a pastor at the welcome center after the conclusion of any worship service (Sunday Morning Worship, Radius, Student Worship, etc.).
  • By making an appointment to meet with a pastor.  The guest card in the pew rack has a spot to check if you would like to meet with a pastor.  Share your contact information and a pastor will text or email you to set up an appointment.
  • By attending an INTRODUCTIONS class that is offered four times a year on Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM.  This is a four-week class that introduces Christianity and First Baptist Church.  An opportunity to join the church is provided in week two when membership is discussed.

In any of these settings, you will be asked to complete a Membership Application Form.  There are three options on this form:

  1. I am joining by baptism.  I have received Jesus as my Savior, and I am willing to be baptized by immersion as a sign of my faith.
  2. I am joining by transfer of membership from another church.  I have received Jesus as my Savior, and I have already been baptized by immersion.  Our clerk will contact your previous church for transfer of membership when you supply the church name.  You do not have to make any contact.
  3. I am joining by statement of my faith:  I have received Jesus as my Savior and I have already been baptized by immersion, but I do not have membership in another church.