what are the requirements for membership?

Membership in our church means a personal confession of faith in Jesus Christ. This involves three elements:

  • Repentance of Sin.  This does not mean that you must straighten up your life before you can join.
    It means that you must indicate a willingness to turn from your sin with the help of Christ. 

  • Faith in Jesus Christ.  You must believe that Jesus, the Son of God, died for your sins and rose from the dead.  You must trust him as your Savior. 
  • Believers baptism by immersion.  Baptism is the formal confession of faith that Jesus is now Lord of your life. 

We ask each person who joins our church to attend New Member Orientation within a year after joining our church.  This is a five-week class on Wednesday nights.  Those who cannot attend on Wednesdays can watch it at home on DVD.