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finish LINE campaign

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Looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the goal at the end of the race. Philippians 3:13-14.

Thanks to your generous giving, we have completed all our construction projects!

2007 Groundbreaking

2008 Completed All Exterior Construction, Front Drive Through, Elevator, Bookstore, and Building C

2009 Completed Gymnasium

2010 Completed Parlor, Café, Locker Rooms

2011 Completed Preschool Area

2012 Completed Building D Classrooms, Walking Track, Game Room

2015 Completed Preschool Drive Through & Playground, Kitchen, Two New Parking Lots

Original loan balance for Phases 1-2:                                                      $2,375,000

Estimated value of volunteer labor:                                                         $   300,000

Estimated total value of property purchased

and buildings constructed:                                                                            $5,559,441


Welcome to the FINISH LINE!

Looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the goal at the end of the race. --Philippians 3:13-14.


We are asking each church member to prayerfully consider making a commitment to give a weekly or monthly offering to Finish Line above your regular tithes and offerings for the next three years.  We owe just over $1 million on our church loan.  Our monthly loan payment is paid from our church budget.  If we give an additional $475,000 through Finish Line over the next three years, we will pay off our church loan by May 31, 2021. This will enable our church to be debt-free.  It will save us thousands of dollars in interest payments and will position us for future growth.

We began this journey together 18 years ago when we first dreamed of buying additional property and expanding our church.  God has richly blessed our church during these years.  Now, let’s cross the finish line together!

What would our church be like if we had NOT begun this journey of faith over 15 years ago? What would our church be like if we had NOT built our new buildings and expanded our parking?

  • Our church attendance would be about half the size it is now. Each Sunday about 250 people attend Connection Groups in our old buildings and about 400 attend Connection Groups in our new buildings.

  • We would have 126 parking spaces on our campus (space for about 315 attendees) rather than our current 283 parking spaces (space for about 708 attendees).

  • We would not be able to have Upward Basketball on our campus. We would not be able to have men's basketball league or volleyball tournaments.

  • We would not have space to gather in church-wide special events such as Thanksgiving Dinner and Vacation Bible School Family Night on our church campus.

  • We would not have a bookstore. Our bookstore has given $14,300 to missions over the past eight years.

  • We would not have our preschool area, our children's classrooms, our cafe, our gym, our new kitchen, our parlor, or our conference room that seats 80 people for video conferences such as Secret Church. 

  • We would not have an elevator. We would not have a covered drive-through with handicap accessibility. 

  • We would only have one set of restrooms on our main floor, rather than the three sets of restrooms we currently have.

  • We would not be able to accommodate Wednesday night supper in our old kitchen and fellowship hall. 

How Will Finish the Race Funds Be Used?

95% of Finish Line offerings will go to pay off the loan on our present buildings.

We originally borrowed $2,375,000 to begin our construction. Our loan balance is projected to be about $1,028,000 on May 31, 2018. Our loan payment of $ 13,797 is paid from our church budget. If we give an additional $475,000 through Finish Line over the next three years, we will pay off our church loan by May 31, 2021. This would be $3,050 per week for the next 156 weeks. 

Our giving through Finish the Race has averaged $3100 over the past three years. So, if we give to Finish Line at the same rate we have given to Finish the Race over the past three years, we will reach our goal by May 31, 2021!

5% of Finish Line offerings will go to develop parking lots on our future property.

Adequate parking is essential for a growing church. Our parking is at capacity. We have Platinum Club members who park across Highway 41 in the Coffee County Library lot to leave more parking available on our campus.

Our master plan is to eventually build a new, larger worship center where our front parking lot is located. We must add additional parking before we can move toward that next step.

We are asking you and your family to make a commitment to give an offering to FINISH LINE above your regular giving for the next three years.


How do I make a commitment?
You can fill out an online commitment card at anytime. Go to www.manchesterfbc.com and click on the Finish Line icon to fill out an online commitment card. Or, you can fill out the card enclosed in this brochure (or pick one up at the welcome center) and place it in the drop box at church. We ask you to make a commitment by May 6, 2018.

Why are we being asked to make commitments? Why don't we just give what we can?
Commitments are powerful. Jesus asks us to make a personal and public commitment to Him. We will give far more if we make commitments. We could never have completed the six phases of our new building without commitments.

How much should each church member give?
There is no suggested amount to give. The Bible teaches proportionate giving. "Each of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with his income" (1 Corinthians 16:2). We are not asking for equal giving but equal sacrifice. Pray and ask God what He wants you to give. This will be a spiritual point of growth for you as you follow His leadership.

Does someone monitor whether I keep my commitment?
No. That is between you and God. Your commitment will show up on your annual giving statement, but no one will monitor or contact you in regard to your progress.

If I lose my job in the next three years, am I still bound to my commitment?
No. We are asking you to make a commitment based on your current financial status. You may experience unforeseen blessing and want to increase your giving, or you may experience unforeseen misfortune and need to lower your giving. That is totally up to you.

When do we start giving?
Our first Sunday of giving is June 3, 2018. We are asking every church member to bring a gift to Finish Line on that Sunday. This will be our First Fruits offering that we will dedicate to the Lord.