GET CONNECTED TO REALM | Ways to get connected to Realm…

  • If you are enrolled in a Connection Group you should have gotten an email invitation from FBC.  Check your email and follow the links provided.
  • Email to request an invitation (for the first time or again).
  • You can also use a PC to connect to Realm go to and login if you have an account.

Each person with a REALM account will need to have a unique email address.  So, if you and your spouse/family share the same email then some may need to create an email address to associate with your account. 

A simple option is to create a free email address using Yahoo or Gmail then email and let us know to associate that email with your account.


Navigate to the Serving Profile..

  • iPhone REALM Connect App – select “More” at the bottom right of the screen
  • Android Connect App or PC web browser – select the drop-down menu with the three lines in the upper left of the screen
  • Select “Serving”
  • There will be 3 tabs across the top of the Serving page – select the middle tab for Serving Profile
  • Check the Skills and Interests that apply to you
  • Skills are different skills that relate to volunteer opportunities in the church
  • Interests are the different ministry areas of the church

See the Volunteer Opportunities tab on the top right.  You can view the opportunities that be a good fit for you.