Summer Session 2023

June 1 - july 31

Registration opens April 10

 *Private lessons

in piano, voice, guitar, and drums


Tuesday evenings

Free class!

a Hawaiian concept of friendly gatherings, playing and singing

for the fun of it. 

(Guitars and Ukuleles)

* Songwriting Workshop

July 3, 5-7.  

Any age, any experience level.

*Foundations of Worship Leading

July 10-14 

Middle grades/ one year of experience in their instrument

see information, tuition rates, and

registration forms below


our purpose

We believe the arts are God-given for the purpose of Worship, for expression, and for enrichment of lives.  We further believe that all talents are gifts from God.  We believe in the stewardship and development of all God-given abilities.  We believe that every teacher and student who shares his or her talents in our school will find a safe environment and a place that reflects our faith.

helpful information

2022 - 2023 TUITION


  • is there a Registration Fee?

    A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee must accompany your registration form. You will not be scheduled with a teacher until the form and the fee are submitted.

  • how much is the Tuition?

    Tuition for one half-hour Private Lesson per week is $400.00/semester. 

  • how much is the PReschool Tuition?

    Tuition for Preschool Music: $200.00/session.

  • How many lessons are in a semester?

    Fall Semester includes 16 lessons. 

    Spring Semester includes 17 lessons. 

  • When is Tuition Due?

    Tuition is due on the first lesson of the month. 

    Payments may be placed in the box that is on the wall just outside the Director’s office (across from the Choir Room).

  • can i make payments?

    Tuition may be paid in 5 monthly payments of $80.00 each month of the semester, OR 4 payments of $100.00, 

    payable the first 4 months of the semester.

  • What if i want to pay in cash?

    If you are paying in cash, and need a receipt, please do so in person so that a receipt can be issued to you.

  • can i get a refund if i miss a lesson?

    Teachers are committed to being present and on time for the weekly lesson. Refunds cannot be given. If a student misses a lesson because of illness or emergency, a make-up lesson can be requested and worked out with the teacher, as the teacher’s schedule permits.


    Makeups can be requested for illness or emergency only. If a student misses a lesson and no prior notice is given, the lesson will not be made up.

  • When are the semesters?

    Fall Semester runs August - December.

    Spring Semester runs January - May.

    Summer classes are available June 1 - July 31.

  • who can take a lesson or a class?

    Lessons and Classes are open to children and adults.

  • how long will it take me to learn?

    Learning an instrument or voice is a skill that requires patience and time. We recommend a minimum of a one-semester commitment to lessons. Students experience growth and progress when they experience regular practice at home.

  • what do you teach?

    Piano (6 yrs and up),    

    Brass (trumpet, trombone, tuba, french horn),




    Organ (piano experience needed),     

    Strings (violin, viola, cello),

    Woodwinds (flute, clarinet, saxophone),     

    Guitar (electric, acoustic, bass) (10 yrs and up),

    Musical Theater,    





Laurie Nation

Acoustic Guitar 

Sarah Anderson

Andy Brown

Laurie Nation 

Andy Barnard

Electric Guitar

Andy Brown

Andy Barnard

Bass Guitar 

Andy Brown


Stacy Chandler


Luke Simpson

Andy Barnard

Musical Theater                                        

Kathy Damewood


Martha Hodges


Susan Green                                                  

Martha Hodges                           

Amie Miles                                                      

Kathy Damewood                                              

*Preschool MusicTime

Kathy Damewood

Strings (violin, viola, cello, bass) 

John Harris


Laurie Nation


Amie Miles                                               

Kathy Damewood

Martha Hodges                                                        



Stacy Chandler