“We believe the arts are God-given for the purpose of Worship, for expression, and for enrichment of lives.  We further believe that all talents are gifts from God.  We believe in the stewardship and development of all God-given abilities.  We believe that every teacher and student who shares his or her talents in our school will find a safe environment and a place that reflects our faith.”

Private Instruction: (all ages)

Piano (6 yrs and up), Brass,

Voice, Drums, Percussion,

Organ (piano experience needed), Strings,

Woodwinds (flute, clarinet) Guitar (electric, acoustic, bass) (10 yrs and up)

Musical Theater,  Ukelele, Painting/Drawing

Classes: (all ages)

Worship Guitar - Drama - Music Theory - Art - Ukelele - Clogging


  • A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee must accompany your registration form. You will not be scheduled with a teacher until the form and the fee are submitted.
  • Tuition for one half-hour Private Lesson/week: $80.00 per month. This will be the amount whether a month has 4 or 5 lesson days.
  • Tuition for a one-hour weekly class (3 or more students): $40.00 per month.
  • Tuition is due on the first lesson of the month. Payments may be placed in the box located in the Director’s office (across from the Choir Room).
  • If you are paying in cash, please do so in person so that a receipt can be issued to you.
  • Refunds cannot be given. If a student misses a lesson, a make-up lesson can be requested and worked out with the teacher, as the teacher’s schedule permits.

Lessons and Classes are open to children and adults.

Parents are encouraged to walk their children in to their lessons, and are welcome to stay for the lesson. Parents may sit outside the teaching studio, if they prefer. Many times, a teacher will want to talk with the parents about the progress and needs of their child.

Download our Registration Form here:    Registration.docx