12th Grade Resources

Grade 12:

Transition to Adulthood and Independence

Goal: Your student should master basic life skills, learn to develop and follow a budget, and explore vocation and calling. Your student should demonstrate independence and responsibility in spiritual disciplines, calendaring and scheduling, and money management.

Your work of parenting is nearing completion. This can be a scary time for parents. You wonder, “Have I done enough to prepare my child for college or career? “ Trust your child to God. Begin to transition more and more responsibility and independence to your child.

Master Basic Life Skills

• Your student should be able to set his own alarm clock and get himself off to school and other appointments on time. You should no longer be rousing your student out of bed or reminding him of appointments.

• Your student should have his own calendar and schedule his events and appointments.

• Your student should be able to do his own laundry.

• Your student should be able to prepare simple meals.

• Your student should be doing some of his own shopping.

• Your student should be competent in caring for a vehicle and scheduling or performing basic maintenance.

Develop and Follow a Budget

Your student should develop and follow a written budget that accounts for every dollar of his or her income (allowance, money from jobs, and any other income). The budget should list all income and all expenses which the student has.

Develop a Life Purpose

Challenge your student to develop a personal statement of life purpose.

Resources for students going to college:



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